Omaggio ad Italo Calvino, op. 10 (1993-1994)

Three movements after three stories by the Italian writer Italo Calvino (1923-1985) on possible scenarios of genesis. Calvino interweaved one love story each in these stories which all depart from would-be scientific quotations*.
1. Himmel aus Stein (Heaven from stone) * The speed at which the seismic waves inside the earth are progressing varies, depending on the depth and the discontinuity of the material of which the crust, mantle and core of the planet are made. Two creatures enjoy themselves inside the earth. They sometimes let themselves be carried up at the surface of our planet on a flow of lava to be frightened by the noise, the rush and the rapid flow of time with us "extra"-terrestrial beings.. 2 .Ohne Farben (Without colours) * Before the earth had formed its atmosphere and oceans, it must have looked like a grey ball rotating in the space. Like the moon today: all colours are destroyed where the ultraviolet sunbeams directly strike the ground (...) In a totally grey environment the two lovers, grey also, can hardly see or find each other. At this moment, a meteor strikes, gazes rise and suddenly the world becomes apparent with all its colours and contours. 3. Meteoriten (Meteorites)
* According to the latest theories, the earth was originally a tiny cold solid substance that slowly grew by incorporating the dust of the meteorites. Stones and dust are falling permanently on the originally small earth. The two occupants, who are constantly removing dirt and sorting out meteorites, move away from each other on account of the growing dimension of the planet. Finally the man, who has become lonely in the meantime, observes the accumulation of objects. At the same time he perceives the earth, such as it has become now, as being complete. And yet: every time something falls down (e.g. the Colosseum, the Po, the telephone network etc.) it looks as if just this had still lacked... Whereas dramatic theory and the forming of the musical material are mostly based on the literary pattern ("Das Gedächtnis der Welten" – The memory of the worlds - Cosmicomics; DTV 11475), the treatment and development of the material - the systematic or groping evolution of the composition - obey their own muscial laws. Written for Elena Gianini on behalf of Jürg Frey and his congenial series of concerts "Moments musicaux" in Aarau.