La dimensione dello strappo, op. 18 (2000-2002)

Both movements thematicize aspects of ‘fissure’.
1: ‘Champ d’aviation’. On 3rd February 1998 near Bolzano, an armoured US
fighter jet (EA-6B), which had strayed off its flight path, clipped and thereby severed the cable of a cable car. A fateful crossing of two quasi-horizontal lines resulted in a vertical free fall that plunged twenty people to their deaths.
2: ‘Champ de mai’. On an imaginary, Maytime meadow: a couple, an almost
timelessly long note, icons of remembrance. And with it, a colossal fissure; a red length of cloth hovers over the heads of the listeners and is torn from the back to the front. Written for the ensemble Contrechamps to a commission from the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.